Ballie World Flair

what's it all about?

Ballie Ballerson is proud to be taking on the World Flair 2021 competition, in association with theĀ WFA, this winter as our friends at Roadhouse hand over the baton!

What is The World Flair competition?

Think ‘Miss World’, but for bartenders. This competition takes bartendingĀ to the next level as we invite the world’s finest flairers on to the Ballie stage, and they have the chance to show you their best skills. As soon as the doors open you’ll be treated to a special night of shows, live DJs to keep you dancing in between and a sprinkle of the winner’s spirit (no pun intended).

Now, even though you may not be the world’s next best mixologist, there’ll also be chances for everyone to get involved with our amateur competitions. Plus whether you’re in to win it or just here for the fun of it, we’ve got cocktail offers galore (buy one get one free on all drinks before 7pm), a 360 photobooth and 2 hours in our glowing ball pit to keep you on your toes. A grand slam final like this only rolls around once a year so 28th Nov is one not to be missed!

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