World Flair Association

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Ballie Ballerson is proud to be continuing our amazing World Flair competitions into 2022, in association with the WFA!

What is The World Flair competition?

Think of the Olympics, but for bartenders. This competition takes bartending to the next level as we invite the world’s finest flairers on to the Ballie stage, and they have the chance to show you their best skills. Once the competition’s over, you’re invited to the afterparty from 10pm onwards – and with all that winner’s spirit, this night’s set to be a good one.

We’ll be serving up super special cocktails all night and every after party ticket comes with a free cocktail token too. There’s no excuse not to be there!

Please note that our love heart ball pit will be closed for this event. All after party ticket holders will have access to the venue from 10pm, and will be allocated up to 2 hours glowing ball pit time on arrival.

wfa after party tickets

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